Apostille of official documents issued by educational organizations

Закрыть Показать Паспорт услуги
Cost of the service

0.5 MCI

Terms of the service delivery

1) 15 working days from the date of submission of the package of documents to the State Corporation;
2) When contacting the portal-15 working days;
When applying to a State Corporation, the day of reception is not included in the term of rendering the state service.

Full name of service
Apostille of official documents issued by educational organizations

How to get the service online

  1. Log in on the portal and click the Request Online button.
  2. Fill out the application and sign it by EDS (electronic digital signature). Attach scanned copies of documents:
    •  apostilled document;
  3. Make a payment by clicking on the "Pay" button on the page of the Payment Gateway of the "electronic government".
  4. In personal account (in the History of Services sector) read the notice of processing your application, which will be received within the specified time.
  5. Visit the «State-owned corporation «Government for citizens» NJSC to apostille your document.

How to get the service in a «State-owned corporation «Government for citizens» NJSC (required documents):

When a service recipient or a representative by proxy applies to a State Corporation:

  1. Application form according to Annex 1;
  2. Identity document.
  3. Apostilled document (original).
  4. Payment confirmation (original).

*The service is available for countries, including into Hague Convention. If the country is not included in Hague Convention, you need to address the embassy of that country in the Republic of Kazakhstan for document legalization

Result of the service delivery

Issue of documents with the stamp "apostil" on a paper medium.