Obtaining an information on the assignment of state social allowance for disability

Закрыть Показать Паспорт услуги
Citizens of the RK
Service provision methods
Cost of the service


Terms of the service delivery

Within 30 minutes 

Full name of service
Assignment of state social allowance for disability, loss of breadwinner and age allowance

How to get the online service 

  1. Log in the portal and click the button "Order online service".
  2. Fill the request and sign it with EDS (electronic digital signature).
  3. Find processed certificate (in the "History of service obtaining" section) which will be received with the specified time.

The service is available for checking of the result of allowance assignment. In order to apply for allowance assignment you should proceed to the page Assignment of state social allowances for disability, loss of breadwinner and age allowance.


Result of the service delivery

Certificate with informational content on assignment (denial) of state disability allowance