Provision of housing for champions and prize-winners of the Olympic, Paralympic and Deaflympic games

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Cost of the service

Free of charge

Terms of the service delivery

Stage 1: the decision of the service provider to provide housing – 3 months
Stage 2: issuance of housing – 6 months from the date of confirmation of the consent of the service recipient in obtaining housing

The date of receipt of documents in the State Corporation is not included in the period of rendering the state service.

Full name of service
Provision of housing for champions and prize-winners of the Olympic, Paralympic and Deaflympic games

Dear citizens of the Republic of Kazakhstan!

In order to prevent the spread of coronavirus infection in the Republic of Kazakhstan, the provision of services on paper media is possible through online reservations in the service centers of the population for the period of quarantine.


How to get the service in the state body (necessary documents):

  1. Identity document or notarized power of attorney of an individual.
  2. Application for housing.

For service recipients who have persistent disorders of body functions, complete or partial loss of the ability or ability to perform self-service, to move independently, to navigate, acceptance of documents for the provision of public services is made by an employee of a State corporation with departure at the place of residence by applying through a single contact center.


Result of the service delivery

Housing use agreement.

If the service recipient does not apply for the result of the provision of the state service within the specified period, the service provider ensures its storage at the place of reception until the service recipient receives it.
The state corporation ensures the storage of the contract for the use of the property for 1 month, after which it transfers them to the service provider for further storage.
If the service recipient applies after 1 month, at the request of the state corporation, the service provider within 1 working day sends the contract for the use of housing to the state corporation for issuance to the service recipient.