Consideration of petitions on economic concentration

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Legal entities
Cost of the service

Free of charge

Terms of the service delivery

40 calendar days

Full name of service
Reviewing of petitions for consent to economic concentration

How to get online service (on the portal “electronic licensing”

  1. Click the "Request online" button on this page, after that the portal of "electronic licensing" will be opened in a new window.
  2. Log in or register on the "electronic licensing" portal.
  3. In the service info sheet read the package of documents and click the "Order online service" button, or select the necessary subtype of activity and the "Further" button.
  4. After specifying the necessary data, fill out the application and sign with your EDS.
  5. You can track the status of the submitted application in the Personal Account in the section "My applications". You can find out about obtaining the permit in the section "My approved documents", about receiving a notification - in the section "My notifications".

How to get the service in a governmental agency (required documents):

  1. The petition to which the following documents, information (convergence) are put:

On reorganization of the subject of the market by merge or association

  1. The draft decision of the person or authorized body on reorganization of the subject of the market.
  2. Reasons for the purpose of reorganization of the subject of the market, including schedulable changes in types of activity or geography of their business operations.
  3. The approved charter and the foundation agreement of the created subject of the market or their projects.
  4. The list of data and conditions of transfer of property, transferred to the created subject of the market.
  5. On each of the reorganized subjects of the market, and also on each subject of the market entering with the reorganized subjects of the market one group of persons are specified:

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Result of the service delivery

Consent to economic concentration or prohibition of economic concentration with a reasoned conclusion