Issuance of archive certificates, copies of archive documents or archive extracts

Закрыть Показать Паспорт услуги
Legal entities
Service provision methods
"National archive of the Republic of Kazakhstan", central state archives
Cost of the service

Free of charge

Terms of the service delivery

11 working days

Full name of service
Issuance of archive certificates, copies of archive documents or archive extracts

Dear citizens of the Republic of Kazakhstan!

In order to prevent the spread of coronavirus infection in the Republic of Kazakhstan, the provision of services on paper media is possible through online reservations in the service centers of the population for the period of quarantine.
Public services can be obtained online on the Portal of "electronic government", the mobile app Egov Mobile and Telegram-bot EgovKzBot2.0.

How to get the service online

  1. Log in on the portal and click the Request Online button.
  2. Fill in all required fields, attach documents.
  3. Sign the application with an EDS (electronic digital signature) or by SMS-password (be sure to have registration in the mobile citizens database).
  4. Get acquainted with a generated electronic document and notification of the result of the request in your personal account (in the History of Services section).

When applying to state agency (required documents):

  1. Application.
  2. The identity document of the applicant, the document confirming authority, or a notarized power of attorney for representing the interests of the applicant by a third party (submitted for identification, the employee of the service provider plays a copy of a government issued ID for identification, and then returns the original to the applicant).

When applying to «State-owned corporation «Government for citizens» NJSC (required documents):

  1. Identity document (submitted for identification purposes) and a document confirming the authority - for a legal entity or a notarized power of attorney - for an individual (upon application of an authorized representative).
  2. An employee of a State Corporation receives information about the service recipient's identity documents from the relevant state information systems via the e-government gateway.

Result of the service delivery

An archived certificate, a copy of an archived document and an archived extract on paper, or a reasoned refusal to provide a public service.