Registration of a Trademark

Закрыть Показать Паспорт услуги
Legal entities
Service provision methods
Cost of the service

according to the price list

Terms of the service delivery

10 working days

Full name of service
Registration of a Trademark

How to get a service online

  1. Log in to the «e-government» portal, select the service and click on the «Order online service» button. By means of technology of building SSO (Single Sign-On) you can go to your personal Cabinet without re-authorization.
  2. Fill in the application form in the Personal cabinet and sign it with EDS of applicant or by means of sms-code (it is necessary to have a registration in the base of mobile citizens).
  3. In the Personal cabinet and in the e-mail specified in the profile, read the notification about the processing of your application, which will be received during the period of service.

Result of the service delivery

1) Upon registration of a trademark:

Entering a trademark in the State Register of Trademarks (hereinafter referred to as the Public Register), issuing a trademark certificate and publishing information on the issue or a reasoned response on refusal to provide state services.

2) When issuing a duplicate certificate for a trademark:

Issuance of a duplicate certificate for a trademark or a reasoned response on refusal to provide a state service.