Accreditation of the local sport federations

Закрыть Показать Паспорт услуги
Legal entities
Service provision methods
Cost of the service

Free of charge

Terms of the service delivery

Issuance of the certificate – 10 working days
Re-issuance – 5 working days
Issuance of duplicate – 5 working days

Full name of service
Accreditation of local sports federations

How to get the service online

  1. Sign up or log in the portal.
  2. Complete necessary field in of the application and sign it with EDS (electronic digital signature).
  3. In personal cabinet read the notice with the date of receipt of the result of the public service (in the field "History of service obtainment(receiving)".

Result of the service delivery

Certificate of sport federation's  accreditation, re-issued certificate of sport federation's accreditation, duplicate of sport federation's accreditation certificate  or a reasoned response to refuse to provide a public service.

On the portal - notification of the readiness of the result of the public service, certified by an electronic digital signature of the authorized official, to receive the result of the state service in the State Corporation.