State testing of agricultural plants for serviceability

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Legal entities
Cost of the service


Terms of the service delivery
The state testing of the variety for economic utility according to the state variety testing, from the day of the laying of field experiments, is carried out in the following terms:
for cereals, legumes, cereals, oilseeds, technical, spinning, annual fodder, vegetables, melons, flower and ornamental crops and potatoes: at least two growing seasons;
for perennial herbs: at least two cycles of use;
for fruit, berry crops and grapes: at least two harvests.
Full name of service
State testing of agricultural plants for serviceability

How to get online service (on the portal “electronic licensing”

  1. Click the "Request online" button on this page, after that the portal of "electronic licensing" will be opened in a new window.
  2. Log in or register on the "electronic licensing" portal.
  3. In the service info sheet read the package of documents and click the "Order online service" button, or select the necessary subtype of activity and the "Further" button.
  4. After specifying the necessary data, fill out the application and sign with your EDS.
  5. You can track the status of the submitted application in the Personal Account in the section "My applications". You can find out about obtaining the permit in the section "My approved documents", about receiving a notification - in the section "My notifications".

How to get the service in a state body (required documents): 

  1. Application to test a selection invention for utility in the form according to the Appendix;
  2. Selection invention questionnaire (in the form according to a relevant culture);
  3. Description of a selection invention for respective types and varieties;
  4. Photos of flowers, inflorescences, reproductive parts of a developed plant in the utility phase with a measuring rule and indication of a name of a variety (if a name is not defined, then a selective number is indicated);
  5. Document confirming the right to submit an application (for legal successors and intermediaries);
  6. A document on the absence of genetically modified objects in a variety submitted for testing or the results of an examination verifying content of genetically modified objects (for foreign selection varieties).

Result of the service delivery

Copy of order on including of variety into State registry of selection achievements, approved for use in the Republic of Kazakhstan, based on the report published by State Commission on grade admission for use on a complex of agronomic characters, or conclusion of the State commission on paper with justification of removing varieties from further testing.