Assignment of state targeted social support

Закрыть Показать Паспорт услуги
Service provision methods
Akim of village, rural district
Employment center
Cost of the service

Free of charge

Terms of the service delivery

When visiting the Center: from the date of documents registration by the Center - 15 working days.

From the date of documents submission to an Akim of village, rural district – 18 working days.

In case if an application is submitted to government agencies or organizations, term of documents execution is extended up to 30 calendar days with written notification of an applicant within two working days from the date of application submission to the relevant government agencies and (or) organizations.

Full name of service
Assignment of the state subsistence allowance

The service has been launched in a pilot mode on e-Gov Portal.

How to get the service online

  1. Log in on the portal and click the Request Online button.
  2. Fill out the application and sign it by EDS (electronic digital signature) or by SMS-password (be sure to have registration in the mobile citizens database). Indicate a personal account number (IBAN) in an application for an account opened in KazPost JSC, Halyk Bank JSC.

Note: A personal account should be to an applicant`s name.

  1. In personal account (in the History of Services section) familiarize with a notification on the processing status of your request, which will be sent within the stated period.

Learning video obtaining the service assignment of state targeted social support:


How to get the service in the State body (Employment center and Akim of rural district​) (required documents):

When accepting an application, the Service Provider forms requests to the relevant information systems of state bodies and organizations (hereinafter referred to as information systems) through the "electronic government" gateway to obtain the following information:

  1. Identification documents of the applicant, including from the digital documents service (for identification of the person).
  2. About the status of ethnic Kazakh (kandas).
  3. About the refugee status.
  4. About the status of a foreigner.
  5. About the status of a stateless person.
  6. About registration at the permanent or temporary place of residence for each family member.
  7. About bank details in the authorized organization for the issuance of benefits.
  8. On the establishment of disability.
  9. On the registration of the birth (death) of a child (for all children).
  10. On the establishment of guardianship (guardianship).
  11. About adoption.
  12. On the registration of the conclusion (dissolution) of marriage (matrimony), except in cases of registration of marriage (matrimony) outside the Republic of Kazakhstan.
  13. About the fact of studying at an educational institution - if dependents aged from eighteen to twenty-three years are full-time students.
  14. About income (wages, social benefits, income from entrepreneurial activity, from leasing of immovable and (or) movable property, from the sale of immovable and (or) movable property).
  15. About the status of an individual entrepreneur.
  16. About the presence of the applicant and his family members of the fact of appointment, payment or submission of an application for the appointment of targeted social assistance.
  17. About the presence of a personal subsidiary farm.
  18. About employment (if any), for able-bodied family members involved in active measures to promote employment.
  19. About education, qualifications, availability of special knowledge or professional training (if available), for able-bodied family members involved in active measures to promote employment.
  20. About alimony and (or) the presence of arrears on them for three consecutive months preceding the quarter of the application for the appointment of targeted social assistance.
  21. About the presence in places of deprivation of liberty or compulsory treatment of the applicant's family members.
  22. About the ownership of housing, premises.
  23. About the ownership of a land plot intended for individual housing construction.
  24. About the ownership of the vehicle.    

 If there is no information in the information systems, the akim or the Center issues a written request to the relevant state body and (or) organization.

The applicant has the right to provide the above documents on paper.

When submitting an application, the applicant is issued at the Center, akim of the village, village, rural district – a tear-off ticket of the application indicating the date of registration and the date of receipt of the public service, the surname and initials of the person who accepted the documents.

Result of the service delivery

Notification of appointment, and in case of refusal - indicating its reasons in writing through the Center or Akim, as well as by sending a message to a subscriber number in cellular networks.