State fee for the issuance of certificate of last name, middle name and first name change

Закрыть Показать Паспорт услуги

Name of the payment

State fee for issuance of certificate on change of last name, name, patronymic

Amount of payment

2 MCI 

Commission on payment – 100 KZT

Credit of funds

Money transition on the Treasury account is carried out by the bank within 2 working days.

Order of repayment of mistaken credit of funds is determined in accordance with RK Tax Code – art.102-108.


Through the receipts check service one can make sure, that online payment is made by the portal, bank terminal.

Make a payment by clicking the "Pay" button on the page of the Payment Gateway of the "e-government".

Note: In purpose of security of Internet-transactions some banks set limits or additional codes on payment cards. If you have any problems with realizing of online-payment, ask a manager of your bank. During 1 day you can make no more than 3 transactions.

*In accordance with p.1 of article 36 of the Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan № 120-VI "On taxes and other obligatory payments into the budget" (Tax Code) dated December 25, 2017 execution of tax liability is made individually by taxpayer, thus while tax and other payments into the budget it is necessary to ascertain that given card is formed on the name of taxpayer.

Result of the service delivery

E-receipt of state fee payment for change of surname, name, patronymic certificate issuance