SMS on expiry of documents will be sent to Kazakhstani citizens

Publish date: November 6, 2020

Now, Kazakhstani citizens whose phone numbers are registered in Mobile Citizens Database will receive SMS notifications on expiry of national ID, passport and driving license. 

A message with notification and link to the service will be sent one month prior to expiry with the following text: “We remind you that soon your national ID (passport, driving license) will expire. To get a new document you can submit an online application via”. 

“Be sending SMS notifications, we plan proactively notify Kazakhstani citizens, whose documents are to expire, which will enable citizens ordering services on portal beforehand. Thus, we want to insure citizens against fines for expired documents” commented Asset Turyssov, Chairman of the Board, National Information Technologies JSC.

Citizens who got SMS notifications can extend validity of their documents on portal.

One can extend the validity of national ID and passport by ordering the service “Obtainment of passport, national ID”. It should be noted that expired ID documents can only be changed in CSC.

One can re-issue a driving license by submitting an application on portal in case of expiry, change of surname, name and patronymic, document loss or theft. To do this, one needs to select the service “Issuance of driving licenses” on the portal.       

Also, citizens registered in Mobile Citizens Database can get messages from 1414 with birthday congratulations and wishes.