Revocation of access to digital documents using eGov mobile app

Publish date: May 31, 2022

The eGov mobile app users will be able to revoke access to digital documents on external platforms, i.e. in bank applications.

The new eGov mobile app release has a capability of disabling access to digital documents in a single click. The new settings allow citizens revoking access to digital documents and not use them in other applications, for example, in bank applications (in which they previously gave consent) and use them only in the eGov mobile app.

It should be noted that the updates were implemented under the Message of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan on the bureaucracy elimination and 100% transfer of public services to smartphones.

 "After transfer of the Digital Documents service to the bank apps popular among Kazakhstani citizens, we began to receive requests for revocation of access to documents in other applications, except eGov mobile. If a user previously provided access to digital documents in other applications and then changed his mind, a user can revoke access through the "Settings" section in the Digital Documents service in the eGov mobile. We always try to consider the requests and opinions of our users in order to make it more convenient and comfortable to receive public services" said Rostislav Konyashkin, Chairman of the Board, National Information Technologies JSC.

To use the new settings, you need to open the eGov Mobile app. Then:

  • Open Digital Documents service;
  • Select Digital Documents settings;
  • In the "Access to Digital Documents" section click on "Revoke Access" from the provided list;
  • Confirm an action;
  • Upon successful revocation, the status will be updated to "Access revoked".

It is worth mentioning that the list will be displayed if a user has previously gave consent for personal data use in bank applications (Halyk Homebank and ).

In order to start using the service again, it is necessary to log into the mobile applications of banks, where there is access to digital documents and confirm consent.

Today, the Digital Documents service is in great demand among citizens and there is no need to carry documents in paper as everything is available in a smartphone. About 10 million people use digital documents regularly. The Digital Documents service in the eGov mobile app contains 18 documents (national ID, driving license, vaccination passport, PCR test and birth certificate, etc.).

Today, digital documents can be used at all the airports of the country when taking domestic flights, when boarding carriages at the railway stations of KTZ JSC, in Otbasy Bank JSC, CSCs and Beeline branches, as well as when obtaining services in the second-tier banks and at notaries.


For reference:

A digital document is an electronic document generated by a digital document service that is necessary to get public services and other services online, as well as when interacting with individuals and legal entities. The Digital Documents service allows using an electronic version of an original copy of ID document, which enables citizens providing a digital document to government agencies and organizations to get any services (for instance, when buying air and railway tickets, etc.).