The 2013 sum of payments via e-Government portal has exceeded KZT 1 billion

Publish date: December 18, 2013

Payments for  over one billion KZT were made by Kazakhstan citizens this year via egov portal.

This indicator is a record-setting one: for the whole last year, the sum of transactions via comprised about 140 million KZT, and in 2011 – 19.5 million KZT.

Most often, the portal users pay fines and penalties: these are 27% of all payments. The second popular payment option – transport tax – nearly 18% of total number of transactions. The third is the fee for registration of rights for real estate and transactions with it – 15% of total sum of payments. Approximately 10% payments are paid for state taxes for registration of civil status and for issuance of identity documents. 7% users pay via Internet the fee for registration of legal entity. The remaining part is a payment for public utilities, mobile communication, various state fees, duties and taxes.

Note that to use the egov portal payment service, in addition to authorization, you also must have a payment card of any Kazakhstan bank, invoice or personal account.

Currently on,  you may pay for 21 types of state fees, 17 types of state duties, 4 categories of taxes; traffic infraction fines, as well as payments for mobile services and JSC "KazakhTelecom" services. Online payments for public utility services may be paid via the portal by citizens of Almaty, Astana and Kyzylorda cities.