EGOV.KZ is 8 years old!

Publish date: April 11, 2014

OnApril12, the e-Government portal, will be eight years old.

The portal within the seyears has proved to be efficient, with increasing number of services and users. Thus, in the first quarter 2014, the portal was visited by nearly 1.5 million persons - 1 458 177 unique users, which is three times more than in the same period last year- 507 741. The number of registered users was 336 183 in the first quarter, just to compare: there were 243 259 in the first quarter 2013.

Currently, 121 public services are accessible online to citizens in the country. Thereare 49 services, paymentof 21 typesoffees, 17 types of duties, 4 types of tax payments, 3 types of payments for public utilities, payment of traffic infraction fines, and also 81 e-licensing services.

Altogether, 8 188 071 services were rendered on the portal in the first quarter, 8 million before 8th anniversary!

Among most popular, there are the following servicesas before: abstract of residential address (4 064 439), abstract of registered title/encumbrance to real estate and technical characteristics thereof (1 313 246) and statement of pension deductions (1 211 538).  

Besides obtaining services, citizensalso access the portal’s information resources. Abit more than a million persons in the firs tquarter accessed the portal pages to view the information that might help any citizen in various life situations. Forexample, how to formalize the construction of a house, or what benefits from government a woman can count on when taking maternity leave.  

Current portal’s functionality allow citizens’ substantially saving their time and money. For instance, registering a business on the portal is possible within a day. Registering a foreign guest or obtaining a personal credit report is possible within 15 minutes. Having a child included in waiting list to kindergarten, paying for public utilities, paying penalties, taxes – all these can now be done without leaving home.

Kazakhstane-Governmentwas rated high at international level. In 2012, in the UN rating for e-Government development, Kazakhstan was ranged the 2nd for e-Participation Index. According to the latest report of World Economic Forum, in the global e-Readiness index, Kazakhstan is on the 43rd position, having risen by 12 positions as compared to 2012. Thus, Kazakhstan occupies the highest position among CIS countries.

According to Chairman of the Board of National Information Technologies JSC BagdatMussin, e-Government development directly contributes to building up the efficient public administration system in our country. “Workinginthisarea, weregardtheresult as of paramount importance”, B. Mussin added.

In tribute to Egov.kz8th anniversary, the e-Government portal team is conducting a radio panel game. OnApril11, 14, 15, 16 and 17,2014, the Orda FM radio audience will be able to win a prize by answering the questions.