Kazakhstani citizens can obtain abstracts via popular messengers

Publish date: October 2, 2019

Asset Turyssov, Chairman of the Board in National Information Technologies JSC, presented popular social media chat bots that can be used by citizens to obtain reference information and various abstracts.  In September, NIT JSC launched an updated Telegram Bot and chat bots for Facebook and Vkontakte. 

Asset Turyssov gave a detailed account on how various abstracts can easily be obtained via messengers. 



“Social media are becoming more popular and we decided to launch additional convenient features to deliver public services. In September we have launched chat bots in test mode and we can see that the number of users is growing every day. Today, 20 public services can be obtained via Telegram Bot, 19 public services can be obtained via Vkontakte chat bot and 15 public services are available via Facebook. We carry out activities to increase the number of services, track comments and consider recommendations provided by our users”, Asset Turyssov told. 

How it works? Users send messages, analyzer recognizes text information and an intelligent system distributes load to operators without human interference and assigns registration number and a responsible employee.  Such implementation allows more efficient management of operating process to be done. Users, in their turn, obtain notification on the processing status of their request automatically or by request with indication of a responsible employee`s full name and contact details. The solution allows settling issues for citizens and keeping feedback throughout the execution process.

Launch of chat bots in popular social media messengers enabled creating additional platforms for public service delivery. Therefore, user can obtain a public service without visiting egov.kz portal just by having a dialogue with virtual consultant.