In Astana, the Mobile Government’s capabilities were demonstrated

Publish date: October 7, 2014

Developers of say: new “Personal Account” will contain three basic components: “Personal Profile”, “Notifications” and “Citizen’s Assistant”. The last component will appear on the portal next year, and the first two components will be placed till the end of this year.

“Personal Profile” will include all information about citizens existing in national databases, such as name, ID number,residential address and marital status and will be available to them. In addition, the profile contains information on ownership of real estate and vehicles, on social status and on obtained licenses.

“Citizens constantly interact with government during their life. The purpose of Personal Account renewing on egov is to make such interaction easier. Government will notify citizens if their fine is imposed and must be paid, or if the child’s position in waiting list for kindergarten has been changed. By the end of a year, notifications on change of property's owner, as well as the necessity to change driver’s license and pass technical inspection, etc. will be available in “Personal Account”. Automatically, not logging out from personal account, citizens will also obtain the most popular services, such as "Chairman of Committee for Communication, Informatization and Information Saken Sarsenov told.

Notifications will be also sent to citizen’s email and mobile phone. For user convenience, there is a capability of subscribing or unsubscribing to receive such notifications. Over the longer term, the new capabilities of “Personal Account” on egov will be available to legal entities as well.