Online sales of reduced-fare railway tickets available for the disabled

Publish date: August 5, 2021

Starting from July 28, the disabled can buy reduced-fare tickets online on the website using IIN and 6-digit code obtained in еGov mobile. The project was implemented by the Ministry of Digital Development, Innovations and Aerospace Industry, Kazakhstan Temir Zholy JSC under the sponsorship of Samruk-Kazyna.

After selecting a travel date and a place in a carriage on the website, an authorized user needs to indicate the following data for status verification: IIN, no. of statement of disability and 6-digit code which will appear after providing access to a social ID document in “Digital Documents” service of eGov mobile app.

After the data is filled-in and consent is provided for data processing, the ticket sales system sends a request to the “Digital Documents” service to get a disability status. A passenger status is checked during verification. Then the system enables applying a reduced fare for a selected place when making a payment and drawing up a ticket.  

“Previous year, over 50% railway tickets had been sold online and we are aiming to boost the indicator in 2021 and want to encourage as many passengers as possible to buy tickets online. It`s the most efficient way that allows saving time and money.  Also, considering the epidemiological situation in the country, it was decided to enhance the process of railway tickets sales to the disabled and eliminate necessity to visit ticket offices” marked Peter Schturm, Director-General, Passenger Transportation JSC.

For National Information Technologies JSC under Ministry of Digital Development, Innovations and Aerospace Industry of RK, availability of digital services for the disabled is one of the priority tasks. 

“We understand how important it is for the disabled to always have a document certifying their status and I am glad to announce that a statement of disability is also available at “Digital Documents” service in eGov mobile app. Moreover, thanks to integration with the ticket sales system of KTZ JSC, a capability was introduced to issue reduced-fare tickets. To get the service, one needs to indicate a 6-digit code generated upon opening an access to document and IIN on the BILET.RAILWAYS.KZ website” told Rostislav Konyashkin, Chairman of the Board, National Information Technologies JSC.

For reference:

When using a document “Statement of disability” for the first time, several minutes might be needed as an output form of document is generated with respect to data obtained from government agencies` systems. If a statement is not displayed in the list of available documents, a user needs to refresh the “Digital Documents” section by clicking an icon on the upper right corner.  

In August 2019, a standard was introduced into the Rules for transportation of passengers, baggage, freights and mail approved by the Order of Minister for Industry and Infrastructure Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan as of April 30, 2015 No.545 (with respect to amendments made based on the Order as of August 02, 2019 No.611) stipulating provision of the disabled with discount in the amount of 50% on transportation across socially significant railway routes.

We also inform passengers that issuance of reduced-fare railway tickets on website using “Meirim” discount card is available along with the novelty.