Kazakhstani citizens can book a queue to CSC and Specialized CSC using smartphones

Publish date: September 29, 2020

Now, users can book or re-book a queue to CSC and Specialized CSC using eGovMobile app. To do this, one needs to select the nearest CSC/Specialized CSC and convenient date and time.

According to Asset Turyssov, Chairman of the Board, National Information Technologies JSC, facilitation of the process of booking a queue to CSC to the maximum extent was the major goal when implementing the service. “We understand that not always users have access to a computer and it is more convenient and quicker to book a queue via the app, so that is why it was decided  to implement the service in the app” added A. Turyssov.

To use the service, select “Book a queue to CSC” in “Special Services” section.

If a citizen needs to obtain more than one service, then when selecting purpose of visit, it is necessary to tick “Bulk submission” box. Thus, Kazakhstani citizens can obtain up to three services per visit. In this case, more time will be allocated for a citizen during booking.     

Moreover, using the app citizens can check their social contributions through the service “Issuance of information on the status and flow of social contributions to a participant of mandatory social insurance”. An abstract can be obtained within several minutes. In “Legal Assistance” section, one can obtain copies of documents from archive by selecting the service “Obtainment of archive certificates and/or copies of archive documents from the Special State Archive under the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan”. 

It should be noted that over 70 e-Gov TOP services were implemented into the app, including 6 types of digital documents.

The eGovМobile app is available for download in GooglePlayandAppStore.