Now counterfeit alcoholic products can be detected within seconds

Publish date: December 9, 2019

National Information Technologies JSC developed a new mobile app “e-Sapa”, which can be used by each Kazakhstani citizens to check the authenticity of monitoring stamp and lawfulness of imported alcoholic products.  

To check a product, a user needs to open a scanner in the app and direct a smartphone camera to bar code located on monitoring stamp.  After scanning is done, a page will open on a smartphone saying “Code exists in the database” and information on a manufacturer will be given. It means that a product is safe for consumption while if you will receive a PUSH-notification “Monitoring stamp is not found” it means the contrary.  

If any issues arise while checking a mark or it is damaged than you can use a function of manual input through which you can check an alcoholic product by series and number indicated on the neck label of bottle in the following format: AA – series, 000000000 - number.

Mobile app is available for download from Play Market and App Store.

It should be noted that “e-Sapa” was developed in cooperation with State Revenue Committee under Ministry of Finance of the RoK to combat sales of alcoholic products with marks of unascertained sample and minimize sales of illicit alcoholic products.