Kazakhstani citizens can order delivery of license plate and vehicle registration certificate online

Publish date: October 14, 2020

A new service is available on eGov.kz portal which enables Kazakhstani citizens ordering a delivery of the national license plate and vehicle registration certificate. To do this, one just needs to indicate the required data, residential address and pay for the service. Afterwards, a “Government for Citizens” State Corporation employee will deliver a license plate and certificate to a place of residence.    

“It was vital to fully automate the process of a vehicle registration, when a citizen being at home can obtain the complete package of services related to acquisition of vehicle. If previously Kazakhstani citizens had to visit a Specialized CSC at least twice, today, one can issue, re-issue, select a license plate, register a vehicle and even order a delivery of license plate and certificate online via eGov.kz portal” commented Asset Turyssov, Chairman of the Board, National Information Technologies JSC.

To order delivery via e-Gov Portal, in “Automobile Transport” subsection of “Transportation and Communication” section, one needs to select the service “Delivery of license plate and vehicle registration certificate to a place of residence”, sign in and order it.  

Also, one needs to fill in all the mandatory fields by indicating a new and withdrawn license plates, vehicle registration certificate, name of a Specialized CSC and detailed address. Then, one needs to make a payment for the service and sign a request with digital signature or one-time password (registration in Mobile Citizens Database is required).   

The service is available for individuals. The service delivery term is 1 working day.