Get the newborn registered, apply for benefit and put your baby in waiting list for preschool via SMS

Publish date: April 29, 2019

National Information Technologies JSC reminds of capability of registering childbirth, applying for benefit and putting in waiting list for preschool via SMS.​

The long-awaited day came: your baby has been born.

After a new citizen’s coming-into-being, the need to execute documents for such citizen arises, yet you have to spend all your time with the baby, so visiting Government for Citizens office (CSC) puts you in a blind.

Submitting application for registration of childbirth,  applying for and receiving the benefit and even putting your kid in waiting list for preschool, all these are now possible through a proactive service.

To be provided the service, you need to be registered in the Mobile Citizen Database (MCDB).

For your convenience, we offer the following methods for registration in MCDB:

  1. On your own, via your Personal Cabinet at, with your digital signature underwritten;

The registration manual can be found at:

  1. Applying to the staffs in any of the offices of Government for Citizens office (CSC);

You can find the contact details here:

  1. Applying to the staffs representing Government for Citizens office (CSC) at perinatal centers and maternity clinics.

Once the information system receives the notice from clinic, the information system shall, within 24 hours after the childbirth, send you SMS with congratulations and step-by-step request for information needed for the service delivery.

SMS will also contain a link to Telegram bot ( which implies the capability of obtaining the service via Telegram app.

The data required for delivery of the service will be captured from multiple government agencies’ systems, while those missing will be requested from the baby’s mother through SMS queries that contain brief examples of filling-in.

At the portal, there is the detailed information with illustrative examples of how to send the response SMS for obtainment of the proactive service.

The information can be found at: