An exemption or deferral from military service can be obtained online

Publish date: December 10, 2020


The services for exemption from military service or deferment are available on the e-Lisencing portal ( Now, the conscripts do not have to visit a military commissariat as they can obtain the services online.

 “For getting this kind of service Previously you had to refer to the military department. Currently in the partnership with the Ministry of Defence of the RK we have optimized this process to allow our citizens (selectees) to get the exemption from draft or it’s postponement online. The service is free and is available within the 5 working days” highlighted Asset Turyssov, Chairman of the Board, National Information Technologies JSC.

To obtain the services, one needs to sign in on the portal, in “Security” tab select the required service from the list and government agency. Then, fill in the mandatory and additional fields and indicate a reason for deferment or exemption, and also the place of registration for military service, upload electronic copies of documents and sign an application using digital signature. Army conscription commission considers an application along with enclosed documents and makes a statement on exemption from military service or provision of deferment from military service or gives substantiated refusal to deliver the public service.