Number of egov users grew almost twice within a year

Publish date: November 4, 2014

This year, the growth of e-Government portal’s registered users amounted to 1.2 million persons. As to total number, it grew to 2.8 million.

According to NIT Deputy CEO Nalgat Ismagambetov, the most popular service today is the obtainment of abstract of residential address. The leading services also include abstracts of encumbrances to real estate and of pension deductions. Along with the well-established popular services, the growing demand for services to businesses is being observed, specifically, as to obtainment of various details on legal entities (LE).    

“An e-service on a registered LE has already become one of the top 10 popular eGov services. Businesses feel more convenient to obtain it via eGov than through visiting Citizen Service Center”, T. Ismagambetov said.

Note that while in 2012, this abstract was requested 23 thousand times, this year it was issued 314 thousand times.

In addition, the abstracts of state registration of LE, of presence of LE branches and representative offices, and of all registration actions of LE are also in demand.

According to information from National Information Technologies JSC, vehicle owners are also very active consumers of e-services. This year, Kazakhstanis are increasingly paying the traffic infraction fines via egov. While last year, the sum of the paid fines was KZT 291 million, it grew 3 times this year.

The same dynamics is demonstrated by the mechanism of payment of fines, taxes, and state duties. Total sum of the payments made via egov as of October 31 was KZT 1.9 billion, which is by KZT 800 million more than the same indicator for the last year.