You may check whether you are a debtor or not on egov portal

Publish date: November 4, 2014

The upgraded Personal Cabinet on the e-Government portal will notify its users if they got into the list of debtors or have been removed therefrom. 

Before the year-end 2014, the systems will be connected to egov Personal Cabinet, such as “Register of debtors temporarily restricted to leave the Republic of Kazakhstan” and “Register of debtors on enforcement proceedings under Ministry of Justice”, after which the e-Government portal will automatically notify user of being included in, or excluded from, those registers.

According to National Information Technologies CEO Ruslan Yensebayev, “the mechanism of notifications via e-Government portal will help citizens be prepared for all eventualities related to prohibition to go abroad because of the unpaid fines, taxes, etc.” 

A non-payer is a person having debts for alimony or traffic violations fines and for payments for public utilities. Persons are included in “black list” who have the unpaid invoices for amounts of KZT 700 or more, which have already been resolved by court to be charged.