It became easier to book a queue to CSC

Publish date: August 12, 2020

National Information Technologies JSC optimized the process of booking a queue to CSC. When booking a queue to Specialized CSC for re-registration of vehicle, one need to indicate seller`s IIN, vehicle owner`s IIN (if a selling is performed by virtue of the power of attorney) and a buyer`s IIN and all three IINs will be registered in the system for obtainment of one service.

When visiting Specialized CSC at an appointed time, a slip is only provided to one of the indicated IINs without capability to make changes to data of other individuals who booked a queue. It means that a queue to Specialized CSC can only be booked if national plate of a vehicle is indicated.

Thereby, data on a trustee will be obtained by CSC employees in advance without necessity to make any changes to data on individuals who booked a queue when arriving to Specialized CSC. Booking of queue to CSC (not Specialized CSC) stays the same.

To book a queue via Telegram (EgovKzBot2.0), Vkontakte ( Portal) and Facebook ( Portal) chat bots, you need to click a tab “Book a queue to CSC” on the homepage and then select one of the options: book/re-book a queue.

Upon successful booking, a notification will be sent to messenger or chat bot and if you are registered in Mobile Citizens Database than an SMS notification will be sent.   Preliminary booking of queue is only allowed once per day. If there is an active booking available, you cannot make a new booking, you can only perform re-booking.