Ashyq available in eGov mobile

Publish date: June 3, 2021

Now, to visit cafes, cinema, gyms and other public places, Kazakhstani citizens can click Ashyq icon on eGov mobile homepage, scan QR-code at an entrance and demonstrate the status. 

“First we analyzed the requests submitted by citizens and overwritten the source code in order to enhance the business process and stabilize the operation.  Then, we applied it into eGov mobile, where there is no necessity to fill in a phone number and IIN, one just needs to sign in and scan QR-code. Also, we conducted works to introduce the service into the apps of second-tier banks" commented Rostislav Konyashkin, Chairman of the Board, National Information Technologies JSC on the press conference of Central Communications Service of the Republic of Kazakhstan

 It should be noted that during the technical activities related to the app migration under NIT JSC support there were disruptions in the app operation. To date, enhancement and stabilization activities had been completed and no failures are observed.     

It is worth reminding that Ashyq app was designed to provide businesses with opportunity to operate under lockdown restrictions. To get to public places, citizens scan a special QR-code using Ashyq and show a risk rank indicated in the app at an entrance. The statuses are designated in 4 colours:

- Green: a citizen, who undergone PCR test and have a negative result for COVID-19;

- Blue: no PCR test results available. Not registered as having a contact with an infected person;

- Yellow: a person had a contact with someone infected with COVID-19;

- Red: PCR test for COVID-19 is positive.