Kazakhstani citizens can get public services via Aitu app

Publish date: July 30, 2021

National Information Technologies JSC proceeds with introducing public services to popular platforms. Now, e-Gov service is integrated with Aitu app.

Today, the most popular eGov.kz services, including statement of residence, statement on availability/non-availability of immovable property, statement on registered titles (encumbrances) to immovable property, statement on pension contributions, abstracts from various medical organizations, check of prohibition to leave the country, all types of pledge statements as well as the service for making an appointment to CSC are available on the platform.

“Sticking to the multi-platform approach vector set forth by MDDIAI RK, we want to extend the borders through introduction of our services into popular apps. We already have had a successful case with transfer of public services into the apps of second-tier banks. In doing so, we aim to provide citizens with options, so that they can get public services in platforms convenient to them” commented Rostislav Konyashkin, Chairman of the Board, National Information Technologies JSC. 

To use the service, one needs to download Aitu and register, then select “eGov” at “Applications” section or click a banner in the upper corner of the section. Then, login, select a service and get an answer to a request within one minute. The service is available in Kazakh and Russian in the mobile version of Aitu platform.  

The service is available to all the Kazakhstani citizens residing both in the country and beyond. The key condition is to be registered in the Mobile Citizens Database (MCD). If a user is not registered in MCD, one needs to fill-in login and password from eGov personal account or use a remote identification service (Digital ID) available at eGov mobile app.

“We are constantly enhancing the Aitu value. This time we focused on real-life situations such as employment; check of available sum at IAPF account; preparation to travelling, etc. Our aim is to ensure that using Aitu app, Kazakhstani citizens get proactive access to information and services anywhere, anytime and on any device” commented Nursultan Akhmetov, Product Manager, BTS Digital.

The “eGov” service in Aitu is located within NIT JSC state loop, BTS Digital company does not gather and process personal information.