Global Forum of “electronic government” will be held on October 7-8 in Astana

Publish date: September 29, 2014

UNO Deputy Secretary- General Vu Khonbo and Kazakhstan Prime- Minister Karim Masimov as well as public officials, scientists and leading international experts in ICT sphere from 50 countries will take part in this event.

One should note that before such forum was held only two times in South Korea, which is the leader in development of “electronic government”. Kazakhstan gained a right to hold the event of such large scale due to its achievements in ICT and “electronic government” sphere and that was indicated in international ratings (Kazakhstan takes 28th place in UN rating in development of electronic government, 38 place in WEF rating on Net-Ready).     

Forthcoming Forum is dedicated to the theme “Smart management for sustainable development: new opportunities of partnership in network society”.

The aim of forum is to create interactive platform which will provide the opportunity for experts and representatives of government agencies to share experience and discuss the questions of global trends of informative society development as well as the impact on the process of “electronic government”.     

Issues interested as for developed countries, experience of which is recognized in the whole world so for developing countries which make first steps in the development of “electronic government” and automation of state functions are supposed to be discussed in the course of Forum.

You may get more detailed information about the Forum and register as a participant on the site

Also you may download mobile application of the Forum on Google Play (Android)