Every second Kazakhstan citizen applies for marriage registration online

Publish date: September 25, 2014

Over 116 (116.495) thousand applications for marriage registration were submitted this year. Of them, 56,687 applications – via egov.

For 8 months this year, the number of e-applications for marriage registration submitted on the egov portal exceeded 56,687. Last year, in the same period, there were less such applications - 40 thousand.

“Both spouses sign one application with two digital signatures. When applying online, they may be at that moment in two different places, even cities”,  Project Manager of egov maintenance in National Information Technologies JSC Dias Kramsheyev told. He added that user, while staying in one city, may address the application to Civil Registry Office of another city where he/she intends to have marriage registered.

Note that the service on submission of application for marriage registration was launched on egov portal in 2010. To submit an e-application, it is compulsory that the marriage is the first one for both applicants, and that they do not have children. Submitting applications for registration of second and more marriages via the portal is impossible.

“It is demonstrable that young Kazakhstanis prefer obtaining services without leaving home. Today, over 570 services are available on the e-Government portal. No surprise that marriage registration became most popular of them, because young people are the active, employed part of population. They are able to save time by using the accessible services online”, a staff of Ministry of Justice Rizagul Zhumadilova said.

By the way, the service on submission of application for marriage dissolution launched on the portal in 2011 was requested this year 1048 times. In 2013, applications for marriage dissolution were submitted by 629 persons.