Credit history within 15 minutes via

Publish date: September 13, 2013

e-Governmentportal is launching a new service–“Receiving a personal credit report”. Any user may obtain or check his/her credit history within15 minutes. The service is located in the “Taxes and Finance” column, “Economy and Finance” section.

To get the report, you need to have a payment card of any bank in Kazakhstan and digital signature.

According to paragraph 2 of Clause 21 in Law on Credit Bureausand Generation of Credit Histories in the Republic of Kazakhstan, a credit history subject has the right to obtain a credit report for free once a year.

Incaseofre-applying for this service within the same calendar year, the payment will amount to KZT 500 (KZT 400 – Credit Bureau rate, and KZT 100 – bank’s commission for performing the payment via the portal’s payment gateway).

In the personal credit report, the entire information on the borrower and on his/her performance of obligations is contained, which comes to the credit bureau from second-tier banks and from other companies offering goods and services in installments.

There portal lows controlling all information non borrower, and seeing the number of requests for his/her credit history that have come from banks and other credit organizations.

The credit provision service was implemented by National Information Technologies JSC specialists in collaboration with “The First Credit Bureau” LLP.

More information can be found here, as well as from operators of 24x7 Call Centre: 1414. Calls are free from any mobile or fixed-line phone throughout Kazakhstan.