Ministry of transport and communications demonstrated to it's Russian colleagues the project of National gateway of RK in Customs Union

Publish date: June 13, 2013

Minister of Transport and Communications Askar Zhumagaliyev had a meeting with Russian Deputy Minister of Telecom and Mass Communications Denis Sverdlov.

At the official meeting with Russian delegation, Vice Minister of Transport and Communications Saken Sarsenov told about the progress in implementing the project: “National Gateway of the RK in Customs Union” and in developing information and communication technologies in Kazakhstan.

Russian party was shown the functionality and capabilities of “National Gateway of the RK in Customs Union” and of “Trusted Third party” subsystem that enables confirming the legitimacy of the parties’ digital signatures. Both systems have been launched to operation testing.

As Vice Minister Saken Sarsenov said, to date, Kazakhstan’s preparedness for integration with national segments of Customs Union member countries has been ensured within the creation of Integrated Information System for Foreign and Mutual Trade. The system will enable exchanging messages in such customs interoperations as tax, phytosanitary, transport control and other types of state control in inter-countries trade.

In the end of the meeting, the parties reached agreement on performing the works in collaboration on integration of the two countries’ national segments.

Also, Russian delegation visited the Monitoring Centre in Government Agencies Server Centre, the Integrated Call Centre for Public Services, and Citizens Service Centre.

Russian party got interested in the progress in e-Government development. The opinion that e-government is increasingly becoming more popular was supported by statistics: in 2012, 21.4 million services were provided via Kazakhstan’s e-Government infrastructure. Ministry is planning to increase the number of e-services and to continue adapting them for mobile applications.

Implementation of a number of programs – both national and industry-specific ones – gave an impetus to ICT industry development. Thus, according to the last year’s results, the revenues grew to KZT 1 trillion in this sector. The number of citizens grew who have computer skills (62.6%) and use Internet (10 million persons).

In the latest UN rating, among 192 countries, Kazakhstan occupied the second position in e-Participation Index (in 2005 – the 31st). In the e-Government Development Index, our country raised to the 38th position (vs 65th in 2005), and in online services – to the 14th. Kazakhstan’s e-Licensing was named the best project for business this year at the WSIS international contest.

Saken Sarsenov paid special attention to National “Information Kazakhstan – 2020” Program developed under Head of State’s instruction, by telling about the Program’s basic provisions.

The Program contemplates further implementation of state-of-the-art telecom technologies, and digital TV, migration of public services to digital format, intensive use of IT in healthcare, education, etc., and also a number of measures aimed at boosting the domestic ICT through providing the state support and creating necessary infrastructure conditions.

It is also planned that by 2015, the e-Learning system will have been implemented in 50 % of all education institutions.