Kazakhstan’s ICT infrastructure has broadened the international partners circle

Publish date: April 15, 2019

memorandum_1_0.jpg15.04.2019, National Information Technologies JSC informs of signing the Memorandum of ICT Cooperation with ‘National e-Services Center’ Republican Unitary Enterprise of the Republic of Belarus.

The signing ceremony was held in Minsk, Republic of Belarus, as part of participation in the 26th International ICT Forum, ‘TIBO-2019’.

“This Memorandum is aimed at developing mutually beneficial cooperation based on parity, collaboration in developing ICT, working out recommendations, sharing knowledge, experience, and innovation solutions”, NIT Deputy Chairman of the Board Daulet Bekmanov explained.

Under the Memorandum, the parties agreed to exercise cooperation in the areas as follows:

  • arranging and holding joint business events in the field of ICT;
  • performing collaborative activities on consultations and sharing best practices in creating and implementing joint projects;
  • creating, implementing, maintaining and developing e-Government information systems;
  •  implementing integrations among government agencies’ systems, as well as the latters with businesses;
  • exchanging experience in promoting ICT services to government agencies;
  • sharing information and experience in building up the business processes for IT service management;
  • any other mutually agreed areas of cooperation.

NIT’s investment projects were presented to the host party, such as Vehicle Inspection IS, eSapa, and eNotary, which raised the National e-Services Center representatives' interest. Moreover, as part of developing the partner relationships, it is planned to establish trans-border confirmation/signature of documents between the parties.

This capability would enable simplifying the process of importing, formalizing and signing the required documents.

For reference: ‘National e-Services Center’ of the Republic of Belarus is a national ICT operator founded in 2012.