Publish date: August 8, 2019

JSC "National information technologies" reports that a new section – "Medical records" has appeared in the user's personal account on the e-government portal.

It displays personal information about the patient from the information systems of the Ministry of Healthcare. The data in the section is divided into 4 main blocks:

  1. General information – displays information on the site of attachment of the patient, the name of the medical organization, the data of the district doctor, the date and reason of attachment.
  2. Dispensary registration – displays the diagnosis and date of registration.
  3. Prescriptions – information on prescribed medicines, the name of the medical organization, the date of discharge of the medicine and the identifier of the prescription are specified.
  4. Hospital – personal data of the patient, name of the doctor, name of the sending medical organization, code and date of hospitalization, diagnosis, type of injury and other information.

This is very convenient, because you have access to personal medical information at any time and from anywhere in the world.

The portal is being developed and improved every day to be useful to you.