Deregistration service available for real estate owners on eGov portal

Publish date: December 24, 2018

removal from registration via eGov

December 24, 2018. National Information Technologies JSC informs of launching a new service called “Deregistration of citizens from permanent and temporary registration at the place of residence upon a real estate owner`s application”.

Now, each citizen can deregister lodgers from his/her real estate without leaving a home.

That is sufficient to select the service on portal and choose a region, where real estate is located. There is no need to address to “Government for Citizens” front offices to confirm an application.

It should be reminded that to obtain the service, you should be registered at portal. 

The service result can be viewed in “Service Obtainment History” section. 

The service delivery result is a notification on a document issuance, which will have a deregistration status or motivated refusal.

It should be noted that previously the service had only be delivered through “Government for Citizens” public corporation.

For reference: In case if there is no address registration code in registered individuals` address data, the individuals won`t be shown in the list of registered citizens.