Now digital documents can be provided at Halyk Bank

Publish date: June 15, 2021

Owing to the Digital Documents service available in eGov mobile app, Halyk Bank customers do not need to provide ID documents when obtaining financial services at the bank branches. The capability was implemented by the Ministry of Digital Development, Innovations and Aerospace Industry of RoK, National Information Technologies JSC in cooperation with Halyk Bank.   

Now, a customer just needs to dictate a unique code for a digital ID document available at eGov mobile app. A bank manager should enter a unique code into the database and a system will automatically upload a document certifying a customer`s ID. A customer identification mechanism ensures safety and eliminates possible fraudulent activities by third parties.   

To generate a unique code and get a service at a bank branch, one needs to:

  • log in at eGov Mobile app;
  • go to Digital Documents service in Services section;
  • select a national ID;
  • enable  access to a document;
  • dictate a unique code one sees on the screen to a manager.

It should be noted that a code is generated automatically and is never repeated.

Today, 15 documents are available in the Digital Documents service, in particular, national ID of a Kazakhstani citizen; marriage/divorce certificate;    birth certificate; certificate on the change of name, surname, patronymic; driving license; technical passport; certificate of a vehicle registration; educational certificate; pensioner’s ID; kandas ID; student ID; PCR-test results; vaccination passport and social ID.

Also, Kazakhstani citizens can use digital documents when obtaining services in and at notary publics.

Moreover, using digital documents one can get public services in CSCs by providing a digital national ID or register at an airport or use them when travelling by train.