12 new public services launched for mGov mobile app

Publish date: January 29, 2019

12 new public services

National Information Technologies JSC informs of launching 12 additional e-Gov portal public services via mGov application.

Now, using the mobile app, the following is available for citizens:

  • Abstract from narcological dispensary;
  • Abstract from psychoneurological dispensary;
  • Abstract from antituberculosis dispensary;
  • Applying for duplicate marriage certificate;
  • Applying for duplicate certificate of paternity acknowledgment;
  • Applying for duplicate certificate of surname, name, patronymic change;
  • Applying for duplicate certificate of divorce;
  • Registration at the place of residence for Kazakhstani citizens;
  • Obtainment of driver`s license;
  • e-Employment Market;
  • Issuance of statement of residential address on citizens residing at the address    (for Android only);
  • Issuance of information by Legal Statistics and Special Accounts Committee under General Prosecutor`s Office on committed administrative violation (for Android only).

The abovementioned services can be obtained via digital signature or one-time SMS password (registration in mobile citizens` database is required).

Citizens who are already using the e-Gov mobile app should update mGov to obtain the services.  

Today, 62 public services are available through eGov.kz mobile app.

Thus, popular abstracts became available for iOS and Android platforms. 

Also, it should be mentioned that the mobile app has been downloaded over 1.38 million times for iOS and Android platforms and the number of delivered services exceeded the amount of 3.66 million.

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National Information Technologies JSC is the Operator of e-Government ICT infrastructure and of Government agencies’ Intranet, performs system engineering maintenance of information systems in both central and regional government agencies, and is responsible for securely storing the information in national databases (“Individuals”, “Legal Entities”, “Residential Address Registry”, “Real Estate Registry”, “e-Licensing”, ‘e-Vehicle Inspection”). Front office activities is related to e-Government portal (egov.kz) and Open Government (open.egov.kz), mGov.kz App, @EgovKzBot Telegram bot, and Integrated Call Center of the RoK 1414.