On the Open Government portals, a version for the weak-sighted has been implemented pursuant to the International WCAG 2.0 standard

Publish date: April 1, 2019

01.04.2019.  National Information Technologies JSC informs of implementing the Open Government  portals’ version for the weak-sighted in accordance with the International WCAG 2.0 standard.

The version’s main specific is the properly-selected color range. To users who have weak sight, the website colors are non-contrast, with the entire color range being maximally monochromic.

According to the Standard, the portals version for the weak-sighted is to meet the following requirements:

Perceptibility – information and the interface elements should be intelligible for users:

  • the font size may be 3 times enlarged;
  • the capability of choosing the text color and background as black & white or, conversely, as white & black;
  • possibility of choosing among 3 types of space between letters and 2 types of font style;

Manageability – all elements of user interface and navigation are manageable, i.e. the entire basic functionality of the typical portal versions is identically adapted for the disabled people in the version for the weak-sighted;

Understandability – the portals’ content and interface are understandable to user and, in accordance with the Standard no flash animations or videos are used in the versions for the weak-sighted, and there is a capability of switching on/off the images;

Reliability – single content compatible with various platforms and browsers, i.e. users may make full use of the portals’ functionality in the special version on various browsers and platforms.

Open Government is primarily aimed at creating a transparent accountable government; enlarging citizens’ rights and capabilities of public administration; tightening the corruption control, as well as at using the emerging technologies to improve public administration performance.