Kazakhstani citizens can use digital national ID at Shymkent airport

Publish date: September 9, 2021

An opportunity to present digital ID via eGov Mobile for identification became available at Shymkent airport. Previously, the service became available at airports in Nur-Sultan, Almaty and Aktobe. 

To use a digital ID at an airport, a user authorized in eGov mobile needs to open Digital Documents service and select a national ID from the list. At a check-in desk, and also when undergoing a security control inspection, one needs to show a smartphone screen with QR-code generated by the service or provide a short code generated by eGov Mobile app.

“That`s a convenient method as nobody forgets to take a smartphone while it is possible to come to an airport without a national ID. We get a positive feedback in cities where users actively use digital documents and we do understand the importance of service scaling. We are to provide further convenient and user-friendly capabilities to Kazakhstani citizens” commented Bagdat Mussin, Minister of MDDIAI.

The capability to use a digital national ID for domestic flights became possible through integration of the systems of Ministry of Digital Development, Innovations and Aerospace Industry, Civil Aviation Committee, Aviation Administration of Kazakhstan JSC, air companies/airports of the Republic of Kazakhstan and National Information Technologies JSC. 

The Digital Documents service in Shymkent operates in pilot mode and it is recommended that users planning to use it at an airport should have an original copy of national ID during the pilot mode period.