We are 2000000 – EDS is always with me!

Publish date: May 3, 2013

On the threshold of the international  conference ASTEX 2013 (Astana Smart Technologies Exhibition) at one of the PSCs of Astana was held informal event Egov party  – award of the two-millionth holder of the digital signature.

The two-millionth holder of digital signature became the capital city citizen Mariam Yerdaliyeva. She told she has known the egov portal for long. She had paid fines and public utilities, but to do so, there was no need for digital signature. However, when she decided to get a statement of residential address, the portal requested digital signature. Just this Monday, Mariam decided on being in step with the time, applied online and visited PSC. Suffice to mention that Mariam celebrates her birthday on May 4. Today honored artist of Kazakhstan Bakhyt Shadayeva awarded he with the certificate of “two-millionth holder of EDS” and a laptop. Kazakhstani star said that she is not stranger with Egov.kz and has already obtained some services.

According to experts’ estimates, this year, the number of those who have obtained digital signatures will grow substantially because of the new service of recording digital signature on ID card to be provided at public service centers. Currently, 229 PSCs across the country are providing the composite service of issuing new ID cards with digital signature recorded on chip. In citizen service centers, there are e-Government “corners” where every citizen may get consultation assistance on matters related to obtainment of e-services.


CEO of National Information Technologies Ruslan Yensebayev highlighted that the event is informal to show that the ease of our meeting reminds of comfort which is to be provided by Egov.kz to every Kazakhstani citizen.

Owing to the automation and optimization of the services delivery processes routine at governmental agencies turned into operation processes which provide state databases. To these systems refer e-notary, addresses register,  real estate register, legal and natural entities databases, e-licensing, 81 services of which are available at the eGov.kz web-portal. It is not a secret that online services became an integral part of our everyday life. This proves the development on the state level. The concept of ASTEX was created was created according to the state program, signed by the President of the Republic at the beginning of the year – “Information Kazakhstan – 2020”. As part of this document clearly spells out the results will be achieved. On the example of egov.kz every citizen of Kazakhstan can assess the necessity to use information and communication technologies (ICT).

Participants had the opportunity to win a quiz gifts from “NIT”. Journalists and all visitors asked questions about all the exciting updates of e-services and the program of the upcoming conference ASTEX-2013. In the end of the meeting the guests were treated with IT cakes.