EDS on a sim-card

In order to get the EDS on the SIM-card you need:

  1. Purchase a SIM card with the ability to record EDS from mobile operators.
  2. Go to the branch of the NAO "Government for citizens" to apply for the generation of EDS.
  3. Make settings on your phone following the instructions.

A digital signature of the user is tied to its SIM card. The main advantage is ease of use and mobility. To confirm the request, the user will need a very ordinary phone that can send text messages.

EDS on the SIM-card allows you to receive electronic services from any cell phone models.

How to obtain services using mobile digital signature?

With EDS on the SIM-card it is possible to get the services of the portal "electronic government". In order to get the service using the EDS on the SIM-card, you must:

  1. Select the method signature for query "Select digital signature on the SIM card".
  2. Confirm the mobile phone number containing the EDS.
  3. The message "Signing"appears on your mobile phone. Confirm the signing process.
  4. Your mobile phone will display the name of your key. Confirm the continuation of the signing process.
  5. The "Enter PIN code"command appears on your mobile phone. To enter the PIN code, digital signature and confirm the continuation of the process of signing.
  6. The mobile phone will display the message "Signature generated successfully!". Confirm the signing process
  7. Press the "View result"button.
  8. In the mobile personal account (in the section "History of appeals"), as well as in the personal account of the PEP, read the processed certificate and present the requirements at the place of request.

Last update: 03.05.2019