eGov mobile app

The eGov mobile app is available for download from Google Play (required Android version: 5.0 or later), AppGallery, AppStore (required iOS version: 11.3 or later). 

You can log in to the app using digital signature or one-time password*.

The eGov Mobile app enables using digital signature in the most convenient way:

  • Issue a digital signature via the mobile app within several minutes without visiting CSC
  • Bind your existing digital signature to a 4-digit PIN code and in-built biometrics of your device (Face ID, Touch ID) once and you won`t have to select a digital signature and insert password each time when you want to log in and obtain public services.

The following is displayed on the homepage:

Brief instructions on how to work with the app. The instructions are presented as stories, familiar to users from social media.

QR scanner. The following is available via QR scanning:

  • Authorization and signing of services on the website by scanning a QR code in the app.
  • Payment of the state duty for delivery of services in CSC.
  • Also, by scanning a QR code you can get access to view third-party documents in “Digital Documents” service. The eGov mobile app uploads a document to which access was provided through contacting the services of government agencies of RK.   

A user wanting to provide access to his/her digital documents just needs to go to “Digital Documents”, open a required document and click “Open Access” button, afterwards a unique QR code is generated available for one-time scanning by a third party. 

The “Popular Services” section presents the most wanted abstracts, while the complete list of services can be found by the link “All Services” or in “Service Catalogue” section. 

In the “Service Catalogue” section, services are grouped according to the respective categories. In the “Request History” section, you can view a request status as well as service delivery result. You can easily save a received document to your smartphone or share it via mail or messenger.

The following is displayed in “Services” section:

  • “Digital Documents” is a service for storing personal electronic documents in the eGov Mobile app. The service also provides a capability for a citizen to grant third parties access to documents upon their consent.
  • “Electronic labor exchange” is a single digital platform for employment that provides a capability searching for job. Using this service, you can:

- create a CV, get invitations to interviews from employers, respond to a job or decline an invitation;
- create a subscription for vacancies based on the specified parameters and receive e-mail notifications.
- pass a career guidance test and getting the result to determine the professions that appeal the most.

  • “Health passport” enables getting a clinical document that stores structured information about a patient's health status, as well as data on registration at a medical organization, dispensary registration, laboratory examinations results and so on with capability of downloading a document to “Health” program for iOS.
  • “Pension calculator” enables calculating the estimated amount of future pension payments.

In the "Notifications" section, you can view all the notifications related to status updates on services as well as informational messages.

The “Profile” section displays personal information from various state databases about family, personal documents, social status, information on participation in a legal entity, information about vehicle and real estate, etc. Information about the validity period of digital signature is also available.

In “My Cards” section, you can bind a payment card to pay for state duties.

* One-time password is an SMS-notification with verification code sent to a user`s mobile device after submission of request. In order to use a one-time password, a user should be registered in the Mobile Citizens Database.


Scan QR code and download the app now!


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Last update: 14.05.2021