Preparation of documents for the provision of special social services in medical and social institutions (organizations)

Закрыть Показать Паспорт услуги
Service provision methods
Local executive bodies of Astana, Almaty and Shymkent cities, districts and regional cities
Cost of the service

Free of charge

Terms of the service delivery

From the date of registration of the package of documents – 17 working days

When applying to Public Corporation, a day of documents submission is not included into the service delivery term, whereas public service delivery result is provided to Public Corporation by a service provider one day prior to completion of service delivery term.

Full name of service
Preparation of documents for the provision of special social services in medical and social institutions (organizations)

How to get the online service

  1. Log in on the portal and click the Request Online button.
  2. Fill out the application and sign it by EDS (electronic digital signature) or by SMS-password (be sure to have registration in the mobile citizens database).
  3. In personal account (in the History of Services section), read the notice of processing your application, which will be received within the specified time.

How to get the service in a state agency and at «State-owned corporation «Government for citizens» NJSC (required documents)

The service recipient (or his legal representative)

  1. Application in the form pursuant to Appendices 1 and 2.
  2. An ID document or an electronic document from Digital Documents service indicating an individual identification number (for identification).
  3. Medical record in the forms pursuant to Appendices 5 and 6 to the Rules and abstract from outpatient medical record. 

Information about the identity document, on the establishment of disability (for the elderly in the presence of disability), on the measures developed in the individual rehabilitation program of the disabled person (hereinafter – IPR) (for the elderly in the presence of IPR), on the recognition of a person over 18 years old with neuropsychiatric diseases as incapacitated by a court decision (if any), retirement age, on the status of a participant and a disabled person of the Great Patriotic War and a person equated to them (for participants and disabled people of the Great Patriotic War and persons equated to them) the service provider or the State Corporation receives in the form of electronic documents certified by the electronic digital signature of authorized officials from the relevant state information systems.

If there is no data in the information systems, an applicant should also provide the following documents:

  • for individuals over 18 years old – a copy of court decision on acknowledgment of an individual as legally incapable (if available);
  • for participants/disabled veterans of the Great Patriotic War and individuals equated thereto – a copy of statement certifying the status of participant/disabled veteran of the Great Patriotic War and individual equated thereto.

Service providers get digital documents from the Digital Documents service upon a document owner`s consent, which is provided from a phone number registered at e-Gov Portal through indication of one-time password or short text message in response to a notification from e-Gov Portal.

Result of the service delivery

Notification on execution of documents in any form indicating public service delivery term or substantiated refusal to deliver the public service.

When applying via the Portal, public service delivery result is sent to a service recipient`s Personal Account in the form of an electronic document certified by a digital signature of a service provider official.