Searching and payment for the administrative forfeits

Закрыть Показать Паспорт услуги

Payment’s name

Searching and payment for the administrative fines and fines for the road traffic regulations

Rate of pay

Fine’s sum and a commission in an amount of KZT 100


Credit of funds

Cash remittance to the Treasury’s  account  implements by bank within 2 working days

Order for the deposits returning implements in accordance with the Internal Revenue Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan – items 102-108.

Types of forfeits remunerated through the portal

- Fine for the road traffic regulations violations
- Administrative fine

Credit period

No later than 30 days before the administrative code fine’s  provision’s imposition to the legal force.

Service provision methods

Make a payment by clicking the "Pay" button on the page of the Payment Gateway of the "e-government".

Note: in purposes of implementing “Internet-transactions” some banks establishing a limits or additional codes on the payment cards. If you have the problems with the online-payments implementation, please address to your bank’s manager. Within a day it is possible to implement no more than 3 transactions.

Unloading of the new registered violations by the photo and video system’s fixation implementing every 5 days since the moment of the violation’s registration.

Result of the service delivery

Electronic bill of the payment for forfeit for the road traffic regulation’s violation.