Booking a queue in CSC

Закрыть Показать Паспорт услуги
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To inform the recipients of the service!

From August 23, you can visit the departments of CSC and Specialized CSC using the Ashyq application without prior booking a queue.


Note! Electronic services in CSC are delivered to individuals receiving benefits (pensioners, large families, the disabeled)  

Dear users! When visiting CSC, you need to:

- Arrive not later than 15 minutes prior to a booked time;

- Have an original copy of valid national ID (identity document with a photo issued in the Republic of Kazakhstan) or passport of the Republic of Kazakhstan citizen;

- Arrive not later than 30 minutes prior to a booked time to undergo a medical examination.


How to book a queue

  1. Sign in on the Portal and click “Order Service Online” button.
  2. Select CSC.
  3. Select purpose of visit:

When selecting “Benefit window”, your benefit category is checked and if data is confirmed, you can obtain electronic services as well as services in paper;

When selecting “Customer service area”, you can obtain 1 service based on the following list:

When selecting “Documentation”, you can obtain 1 service based on the following list:

When selecting “Bulk window”, you can obtain more than 3 services based on the following list:

  1. Select date and time of visit.

Preliminary booking of electronic queue is allowed once in a day.

It is possible to book a queue in CSCs of Nur-Sultan, Almaty, Shymkent and other cities of regional significance.  

You can familiarize with the result of queue booking service in Personal Account of e-Gov Portal

In case if you have a registration in Mobile Citizens Database, you will receive an SMS notification on booking a queue in CSC.

When booking a queue in Mobile Citizens Database for re-registration of vehicles, you must specify the seller's IIN.