Submit electronic application for change of name, middle name and last name change registration

Закрыть Показать Паспорт услуги
Place of the service delivery
LEBs of the cities of Nur-Sultan, Almaty and Shymkent, districts and cities of regional significance, districts in the city, cities of district significance, akims of villages and rural districts
Cost of the service


Terms of the service delivery

Service Provider or State Corporation - 7 business days

Application for amendments, additions and corrections to the record of the civil status act - 7 working days

When requested to other government agencies - no more than 30 calendar days

On the portal - getting the notification of the registration date assignment for the name, surname, full name changing - 1 working day

Full name of service
Register changes name, patronymic, surname, changes, additions and corrections to the civil status

Dear citizens of the Republic of Kazakhstan!


In order to prevent the spread of coronavirus infection in the Republic of Kazakhstan, the provision of services on paper media is possible through online reservations in the service centers of the population for the period of quarantine.
Public services can be obtained online, as well as some services are available in the mobile app EgovMbile, Telegram-bot eGovKzBot2 .0 and social networks Facebook and VK.

How to apply through “electronic government” portal

  1. Log in on the portal and click the Request Online button.
  2. Fill out the application and sign it by EDS (electronic digital signature) or by SMS-password (be sure to have registration in the mobile citizens database).
  3. Make a payment by clicking the "Pay" button on the page of the Payment Gateway of the "e-government". 
  4. In case of getting a notification on request acceptance - make payment.
  5.  Address to civil registry office to get the certificate. You must bring printed notification, identity document, and two photos in size of 3*4 cm.  

Submission of electronic application for registration of surname, name, patronymic change is possible only in case of marriage or divorcement.

Civil registry office which will conduct the procedure of registration of name, surname, patronymic change is indicated at the place of residence. You may check your registration online.

How to get the service in a state agency or in the «State-owned corporation «Government for citizens» NJSC (required documents):

  1. Statement.
  2. Identity document (for personal identification).
  3. Original and copy of the service certificate of birth.
  4. A copy of the marriage certificate (marriage).
  5. A copy of the birth certificate of the child, if the beneficiary has minor children.
  6. A copy of the certificate of adoption or the establishment of paternity, if any, were registered by the registration authorities.
  7. A copy of the certificate of divorce (marriage), if the service recipient requests to be given a premarital surname in connection with the dissolution of the marriage (marriage).
  8. Two photos of the service recipient size 3 * 4 cm.
  9. A document confirming the payment of state duty to the budget, with the exception of cases of payment through PSEP.
  10. If necessary, the employee of the service provider requests additional documents confirming the reasons for which the service recipient asks to change the name, patronymic name and surname.

Result of the service delivery

Certificate of change of name, patronymic, surname, birth certificate (in cases of changes in the birth record), repeated certificate of change of name, patronymic, last name with amendments, additions and corrections, or a motivated response about the refusal to provide public services.