Electronic application for the divorce registration

Закрыть Показать Паспорт услуги
Place of the service delivery
Cost of the service

By mutual consent of spouses who do not have minor children - 2 MCI

Based on the court decision - 1.5 MCI (with one or both spouses)

Based on the court's decision, with the persons recognized as missing, incapacitated or convicted for committing a crime, for a period of not less than three years - 0.1 MCI

Terms of the service delivery

On the portal, in part of receiving notice of the appointment date of registration of divorce - 1 working day

Full name of service
Registration of dissolution of marriage, including insert of changes, additions and corrections in record of acts of civil conditions

How to get the service online

Upon entering into force of court decision on recognition of spouse as a missing, disabled or partially disabled person, and also upon condemnation of a spouse for commitment of a crime to deprivation of freedom for no less than 3 years

Upon mutual consent and if there are no under aged children and no property or other claims

On the basis of court decision on divorcement (matrimony)


Result of the service delivery

Notification on acceptance or refusal in application acceptance