Subsidies to the interest rates on loans granted to the agriculture support

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Legal entities
Cost of the service


Terms of the service delivery

On the portal-10 working days.

To a State Corporation-15 working days.


Full name of service
Subsidies to the interest rates on loans granted to the agriculture support

How to obtain a service online

  1. Sign in on the portal and click “Order Service Online” button (to obtain the service you should be registered on the portal or undergo one-time registration at website).
  2. Fill in an application on website and sign it with EDS (digital signature). Familiarize with notification on the processing status of your application which will be sent to your e-mail indicated during registration within the indicated timeframe. 

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How to get the service in the  "Government for citizens" State Corporation NJSC​ (required documents):

  1. Offers with attached copies of the loan agreement with the repayment schedule in the form in accordance with аnnex 1.
  2. The draft of the updated repayment schedule with payments subsidized or non-subsidized parts of interest rates (calculations subsidized or non-subsidized part of interest is directed to the working body (the service provider)).
  3. An extract from the loan account of the borrower (service recipient) on obtaining a loan (for second-tier banks) or a document confirming the transfer of the loan/transfer of the leasing item.

Result of the service delivery

Notification of transfer of a subsidy or notification of refusal to provide a public service .