The portal for open discussion of draft legislations launched in Kazakhstan

Publish date: April 7, 2016

Draft legislations are published for open discussion on “Open Legal Acts” portal ( launched as part of development program for Open Government of Kazakhstan and for implementation of 94th step of “100 certain steps” nation plan for introduction of five institutional reforms of N. Nazarbayev. 

Currently, citizens can leave their comments for the following draft legislations: “On alternations and addendum to the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan “On housing relations””, “On alterations and addendum to the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan “On standardization””.   

Besides, up to Arpil 10th, discussion of project concept for Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan “On taxes and other statutory payments to the budget and customs regulation” is conducted on the portal.   

“Open Legal Acts” portal enables citizens participating in consideration of public intitiatives, draft legislations and decisions by government agencies.  Thus, government agencies publish drafts on the portal for public discussions before forwarding them for approval in concerned agencies. Reports of discussions results are published on the portal.

Previously, public services standards were discussed on e-Gov portal, though, since the Law “On access to informatization” came into force, all draft legislations, draft legal acts and public services standards are subject to public discussion on “Open Legal Acts” portal.