Guardians of orphan children can submit an application for benefit assignment online

Publish date: August 25, 2020

National Information Technologies JSC informs that there is the capability available on portal to submit an application for benefit assignment to orphan children.

To obtain the service, a user needs to select the service called "Assignment of benefits to guardians or trustees of orphan child(ren) and child(ren) left without parents" in "Family" section, "Guardianship, custodianship, support" subsection. Then, fill in the data and bank account details to which the benefit will be sent. Afterwards, fill in the data about a child and sign an application using digital signature.

It should be noted that one should indicate data about a child's revenues, i.e. documents certifying obtainment of social payments and other welfare benefits, alimony, data on existing revenues from a child's property.

Upon successful processing of the application, a notification with the decision on benefit assignment will be sent to a user's personal account within 1 working day.

Link to the service: