7 new services became available in eGovМobile app

Publish date: July 14, 2020

Seven new services such as referralfor hospitalization to in-patient clinic, statement of registration as unemployed, statement of military service status, etc. can be obtained via smartphone.    

“Creation of accessible and convenient channel to deliver public services “in one click” is a priority task for us. Today, users have a capability to obtain digital signature and register in Mobile Citizens Database directly from the app. They can also sign in on eGov.kz portal by scanning QR-code in the app. It is also possible to pay for stamp duty in CSC using QR-code. Moreover, soon, a capability will be available to sign the services on eGov.kz portal through QR-codescanning in eGovMobile”commented Asset Turyssov, Chairman of the Board, National Information Technologies JSC.

It should be noted that digital signature is stored in a container storage of eGov Mobile app and is not available for download and upload. This enables eliminating the possibility of data leakage and ensuring security. 

Also, the following services are available to users:

“Digital Documents” is a service designed to store personal electronic documents in eGov Mobile app. There is a capability available to share an electronic copy of personal document in PDF format with a third party via messengers or using e-mail on a mobile device by clicking “Share” button. 

“Electronic Labour Exchange” is a service designed to search for a job. Using the service one can: create a CV, obtain invitations from employers, subscribe for a desired vacancy and receive notifications to e-mail and even undergo career guidance test to determine the most suitable professions. 

“Health Passport” enables obtaining a clinical document that stores a structured information about a user`s health condition as well as data on registration at a medical organization,regular medical check-ups, in-patient record, results of laboratory tests, etc. There is a capability available to upload a document to “Health” app on iOS.

Besides, there is a capability to share a link to an app with friends. To do this, click “Invite friends to eGov Mobile” icon on the right upper corner of the homepage.  

The app is available for download in GooglePlay and AppStore.